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Bruce Jorgensen,
I was less than impressed by Geron’s clinical trials approval. When listening to business oriented presentations at stem cell conferences I have been struck by how far behind the adult stem cell advocates the embryonic-focused initiatives have been. Adult neural stem cells were repairing spinal column damage in pre-clinical studies circa ten years ago. A personal belief is that appropriate adult stem cell therapies will prove to be safer, as well. The “aha” for me in Geron’s headlines is around the tremendous challenge and cost of clinical trials, vs. the ease of filling our journals and conferences with pre-clinical work using animal subjects. The cost is particularly high for the industry, as all boats will rise, or sink, on any one company’s clinical success or failure.


This is absolutely disgusting! The very thought of your organization trying to get Big Pharma on board so that you can research until the cows come home. Adult stem cells are way ahead of your “game.” You are an absolute disgrace to medicine. It is all about the money with you bunch. You are lower than pond scum! I believe it is only a matter of time before someone does “walk onto Oprah” and tell how they were cured with ADULT stem cells. I’m sure you are “many years away from someone walking” to use your terminology. Embryonic stem cells are still not “ready for prime time” but adult stem cells are. You need to quit wasting research dollars!

August 16, 2010 / 58 aniversario

The major drawback of putting all your eggs in one basket is that the basket is faulty. Embryo stem cells have a rejection factor that is not mentioned in the FDA funding proposal. Adult stem cells are far more preferred by the public and is proven to work without intervention from drugs or manipulation of genes. ie) the cloning of embryo cells in light years away. It is far better to invest in what works, not what is far more expensive, a trillion dollars is absurdity. ASC’s already is curing arthritis in dogs, the UK is starting adult cells for heart disease, and the US is falling behind because of needless delays, and profiteering interested parties. Adult stem cell clinics are being forced to close and threatened by the FDA. Why is this happening? Pharmas are controlling decisions -that is why. This should not go forward at all, adult stem cell clinics like Regenexx in Denver are being shut down. What ever happened to that Obama executive order to “support stem cell research” not shut it down as the FDA is doing. This all stinks of a corrupted FDA system.

August 24, 2010 / 22 noviembre, 2016 a las 11:13 am

Just heard about this earlier today and I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing! I cannot believe that our once great country that we live in
is so far behind in so many ways now! We were moving in a positive
direction since Obama signed the executive order for stem cell
research, but I fear that because of everything else that is going on
in the country now, that congress has their hands too full to really
deal with issues like this and energy, that’s another topic.
It is frustrating for me because I know of several people, one good
friend of mine has MS that could benefit one day from stem cell
research. Doctors don’t even know what causes this illness…. the
research is just not there for this, as one neurologist I recently
spoke with told me, “what it all boils down to is money”,
pharmaceutical companies can make more money off of cancer or
vascular/cardiac diseases then MS, that is why billions of dollars are
pumped in for the research for those diseases ……… Oh and
something else he mentioned, the big pharma co. he believes, don’t
really want a 100% cure for cancer or say cardiac disease….. You
know why? Money….. they will loose a shit load of money because all
those people that were once sick are now being cured by stem cell
therapy and will stop needing Big Pharma’s overpriced medicines…….
that to me is pathetic! Hopefully this is only a temporary ban, but we are already so far behind in this research!

Lanza Fan
September 26, 2010

polachek, I have suffered, hanson is only promoting adult stem cell, so I’m not the one being inhuman! like I said, she found her cure and now thinks it is the only cure for others. if adult stem cell was all that, after 50 years of study it would have cured everything, dont you think? like you said, we should help each other, why isnt hanson trying to help me?

September 28, 2010 / 110 aniversario rotary international

Correction to my post on 9/27/2010. The following figures came from Dr. Francis Collins, director of the NIH.

In FY 2009, the NIH gave $397 million to non-embryonic stem cell research.

In FY 2010, the NIH gave $380 million to non-embryonic stem cell research.

Since 2002, the NIH has given embryonic stem cell research $546 million in research money.

So if you do the math, just for the years 2009 and 2010 combined, non-embryonic stem cell research has receieved $777 million.

For the last 8 years combined (2002 – 2010), embryonic stem cell research has receieved only $546 million.

So the scales are certainly not equal in terms of funding provided to the different stem cell platforms. Non-embryonic stem cell research has recieved far more money than embryonic stem cell research.

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